Welcome everyone! I wanted to take a moment to record an introduction for you so you can begin to capture in your mind not just who I am, but also my story. Storytelling is the most powerful way to bring connection and a good story has a wonderful way of touching our hearts. From childhood on, we love to hear them! So, why should that change as adults? 

When I was a little girl, I dreamed about being an Author. I would sit and write short stories and have my dolls act it all out. Storytelling was a stage for me to explore and feel rounded as a child and today – nothing has changed. The first story I told, was my very own. In 2018, my memoir. Just Be: How My Stillborn Son Taught Me to Surrender, was my break of silence and my writing career finally began!

Even thought I started with non-fiction, I always knew I would venture off into fiction. As a storytelling healer and from personally utilizing fiction to help me overcome PTSD – today I can officially say I am a Women’s Fiction Writer! I began working on my first fiction Fall of 2019 and can’t wait to share this story with the world?

Why does fiction heal? Make sure to check out my full answer here – but fiction is an extremely underused way to offer healing for trauma, grief and stress. Trauma symptoms loop around and around and it is exhausting! Especially when we feel like there is no end in sight. Fiction can bring resolution to this trauma look by allowing us to go into the story through the character’s eyes – bringing safety to feel “from a distance”. It is often too painful for people to revisit a traumatic memory right away, however the memories always seem to haunt us anyway and our minds become very overwhelmed. When we read a fiction story, it can give our minds a much needed break. 

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 When I am lost in a good fiction book, I am also lost within all the emotions that I feel for the characters and often don’t even realize it! It is like I can have a good cry, but I don’t feel exhausted emotionally because the cry is for the story – yet I feel cleansed at the same time. Fiction creates a mirror that you can see your own truth through story – but at a safe distance to feel secure. So, make sure to subscribe to my new show and we can dive into the world of fiction, natural mental health healing and so much more!