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There is No Greater Love Series

What Do You Believe?

Do you believe in God? If not, do you believe in miracles? Or fate? How about…love? It’s not a matter of having to believe in one thing and one thing only, it falls down to believe in something. When I started my healing journey, I knew that my belief system was completely backwards. It didn’t resonate with me and I knew I needed to embark on peeling back the layers of my beliefs one by one. I needed to get back to the core of who I am. There is no right or wrong to this spiritual quest, but that didn’t stop me from comparing myself to others from time to time. It’s been a hard and bumpy ride finding what it was that I believed in – so the question falls on you: What do you believe?

When you find your authentic voice and thoughts - you will lead others to seek answers through watching you. Click To Tweet

When you believe in something – when you believe it to your core – your genuine actions speak for you. Your actions can speak louder than words when you stand strong in your beliefs. When you find your authentic voice and thoughts – you will lead others to seek answers through watching you.

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What Are My Beliefs?

At the bottom of this thought, your core beliefs should never be based upon what others think you should care about. Nor should your personal beliefs consist entirely of what and how the world perceives what we see – meaning what is shown to you. Personal beliefs and values make up who you uniquely are – you own this and no-one else should interrupt that. We all possess a set of core values, which are essentially what we believe in and care about most in the world.

Anger Or Action?

Root of Anger

Anger in one letter away from danger. The D stands for destruction. Even what some call “righteous anger”, can eat you up alive in a very literal way. Your stomach produces more acid, your pancreas malfunctions, your heart pounds, your blood pressure increases and your immune system takes the hit. It may not seem fair, but just like guilt, the body was not meant to hang on to anger or it would be equipped for it. Any doctor or healing practitioner will tell you it is not.

Anger is a bi-product of a root emotion. It comes from fear, hurt, abandonment, rejection, neglect or any kind of abuse. You were not born with this kind of anger. Let’s rip it out by the root.

No Greater Love Series

No Greater Love Series

Self-Regulate Anger with Action

Don’t take your anger to bed in the dark. It festers in the night and escalates with each passing day. It takes over your life. Holding your temper requires more strength than LOSING your temper. You actually do lose energy, time and well-being. There is a Proverb that states, “Greater is a man that holds his temper than a hero who takes a city.”

When rage is controlled, power is maintained. You are allowing time to orchestrate solutions.

Time always orchestrates solutions in ways your anger will circumvent. Anger is ego-centered and is very demanding. It harms you more. Using the anger for fuel in a way that helps you to accomplish great things is a better choice. Think of all the people in history who instead of showing anger, used it for accomplishing great things. Use the “I’ll show you” approach and do something good for yourself instead of bad to others. The negative charge will diffuse. The bomb will not go off and you will have a better life.

Fear or Intuition?

Vague Reality of Intuition

Understanding intuition can be confusing. Culturally, the Western world doesn’t value intuitive methods. This can leave most of us at a loss when it comes to knowing or using our sixth sense. Intuition is often a vague sensation, but not always. It is different for each person in the way it presents itself as well as the kinds of information it reveals.

With a bit of practice, you can begin to hear your intuitive insights. Start with small things and go slow, gently developing your intuition along the way. Sometimes intuition can be used to describe suspicion. Suspicion can be positive or negative in nature. It can be strong warning that is helpful, or a sense that you are taking too big of a risk. The tricky part of intuition is when you are suspicious of your perception. You can learn to trust your intuition by using it and coming to your own wisdom about it.

The key to accessing your intuition about others is that you actually listen to it. You’ll need to trust your feelings and hunches. By using your intuition you’ll be in the best position to figure out who you can depend on.

Episode 11 – Cultivating Happiness

Divine Love

Fictional Storytelling as a Healing Method

Literary fiction is an exploration of the human experience. Fiction has the capacity to transport you into another character’s mind, allowing you to see and feel what they do. This can expose us to life circumstances that are very different from our own. Through fiction, we can experience the world as another gender, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, profession or age. Words on a page can introduce us to what we don’t see yet and can begin to apply it to ourselves. Fiction is such an under-utilized tool – learn more here!

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February Short Story

February Short Story

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