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It’s about FAITHIt’s about LOVE
It’s about finding the courage to BELIEVE
in your body & mind again.
It’s about YOU and your journey to JUST BE Well
“…and then I made a brave choice…I chose LIFE.”
– Lindsay Gibson, Just Be: How My Stillborn Son Taught Me to Surrender

Just Be-Lieve in Your body

What is my goal with sharing these products?

  • To bring those who are looking for natural mental and physical healing and staying well as you grow and transform to higher ways of living.
  • To bring you products you can trust. Period. 100% honest marketing and testing.
  • To take what I have both trained in with holistic health and experienced myself as a complex trauma survivor, mother and woman – and share what I use with you over on The Just Be Podcast
  • The world is filled with women just like me who don’t have time to run around and figure out what products to take, what things to read about and what is safe and not safe. I take the guess work out!


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Lindsay’s Favorites

Health Ranger Store

100% of the products sold by the Health Ranger Store, are personally reviewed and approved by their founder, Mike Adams (the “Health Ranger”).

For all products, they require appropriate documentation (certificate of authenticity, product specification sheet, kosher certification, organic certification, etc.). Current tests include heavy metals, glyphosate and other pesticides. The scope of testing is expanding each year to encompass more pesticides, herbicides and possible chemical contaminants. Talk about CLEAN!

All Natural News Store products are non-GMO. All Health Ranger Select products contain no harmful ingredients. We offer USDA organic certified products or ingredients whenever possible. However, in some cases products are actually higher quality when they are “wildcrafted” rather than organic. 

My personal favorite things about The Health Ranger Store is: 100% honest marketing. “Everything we state about the products we offer is truthful and based in fact.” – Mike Adams, CEO & Founder 


The missing link to optimal health, and a relatively unknown substance affectionately called, the ‘miracle molecule’. Science hasn’t been able to replicate it, which may be why you haven’t heard of it yet. This mysterious ingredient is based on fulvic acid. Blackoxygen found the highest, purest and most bio-available form of organic, non- fossilized Humic/Fulvic Acid known to man in Canada. 

Fulvic acid is the end product and smallest particle of the decomposition of ancient, organic matter. Organic matter is just a fancy way of saying peat bog. It is truly a miracle from the ground. When extracted, purified and delivered in a liquid supplement form, it carries all the nutritional information, anti-oxidant capacity and genetic coding of everything in that decomposed matter. We know the fundamental building blocks of our bodies are the same as other organisms so it only makes sense to nourish your body with what it is made of, optimizing regeneration and repair.

Fulvic acid is extraordinary in how many bodily functions and systems it supports. It is essential to the metabolic processes of living cells and helps correct cell imbalances.

It assists with enzyme production, hormone structures and is necessary for the absorption and utilization of vitamins. Free radicals are toxic by-products that cause significant cellular damage. Each cell in your body can be hit by up to 10,000 free radicals per day and they need to be neutralized in order to not ravage living cells and tissue. To be neutralized each free radical needs a donor electron.

One molecule of fulvic acid can donate fourteen tera-trillion electrons. That’s twenty-one zeros! It has the unique ability to react with both negatively and positively charged unpaired electrons, rendering free radicals harmless. It then alters the mineral to new useable compounds or eliminates them as waste.

Every cell with thank you! LEARN MORE


For 30 years, Modere has been committed to earning your trust, with products that consistently deliver. Modere sets a standard for preformance, formulated with ingredients you can feel good about bringing into your home. 

It begins with their clean label approach to
product development. They have made a
conscious choice to eliminate unnecessary
and potentially harmful ingredients
commonly found in conventional
formulations, because at Modere, they understand that “what you leave out of a product is just as important as what you include.”

Every Modere product is mindfully formulated with thoroughly safety-checked components. “This isn’t mere lip service” – they say. In fact, some of their products have been recognized by highly respected, independent third-party organizations. This includes formulations that have earned the EPA Safer Choice label as well as those that are NSF certified, EWG verified, and even confirmed gray water safe. VIEW CATALOG

What does natural living mean to

me as a trauma survivor?

Clean & Healthy Living & PTSD Recovery

by Lindsay Gibson