free your voice,
your body’s wisdom
& your sovereignty


Freedom is the way – an online (& off social media) private group

Lean Into Your Own Wisdom & Faith, Not Fear

so that you can rise up against medical oppresion

Just Believe…

That your body’s wisdom can keep you healthy and strong

Face any challenges. Trust our Creator, who gave you sovereignty, a body and mind that can always heal itself and to make the right choices to stay well.

Connect with like-minded people

Enjoy CENSOR-free discussion and sharing

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About Lindsay

Hey! In my about section you can learn all about my writing and passion for writing stories that spreads truth, love and hope – in this world that has so much struggle, deception – but also an abundance of love. You just need to BELIEVE and love will find you again.

I created my Freedom is the Way censorsip-free community is one step closer to unlocking your innate ability to heal mentally and physically.

As a complex trauma survivor myself, I know first-hand how hard it is to believe that healing is possible – but I am here to show you the way.