A Writer’s Environment

Sitting down to write takes more than just opening your laptop and tapping away! It is an entire mind, body and spirit preparation. It also involved continuous self-care to balance the emotions that pop up as you develop your storyline or write out the steps to your self-help nonfiction. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter what type of genre you are writing, you need to make sure that your mind and body are ready to go – and that includes where you write. Hygge, a popular Danish tradition can set the tone for where you write!

In episode three, I will go over how I set up the right writing environment, why it’s important and how to incorporate a Danish tradition called “hygge” into your writing work. Hygge living is something I acquired when I was healing from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and grief and you can read here about how hygge has become a front runner is every aspect of my life.

Make sure to also check out some of my favorite products and faith-based home décor ideas that I use to enhance my hygge experience over at Mary & Martha!

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003: Hygge & Your Writing