Mighty Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Tea has been a source of promoting good health for centuries. From aiding in digestion to enhancing mood and memory, this bitter tea continues to be leading in great benefits to promote health. You are probably familiar with black tea, but green tea comes from the same plant -called the Camellia Sinensis, which is the younger leaf version of black tea and plucked early how. Lets discuss wat matcha tea consists of before we dive into the benefits that matcha tea brings.

How it creates such a beautiful green texture?

L-Theanine, Amino acids contained in green tea, is produced in the roots of the tea tree, and then moves into the leaves. When exposed to sunlight, it transforms into different element, Catechin. By shading, tealeaves begin to crank out increasing amounts of both Chlorophyll L-Theanine that makes Matcha color nice and bright green, and gives its intense “Umami” taste. Then, tealeaves are handpicked with special care, and processed with traditional method with a long period of history right after they are picked.

Health Benefits

It packs a powerful punch to your overall health! The kind of Matcha tea you buy is important. Try to steer away from the cheaper brands as they have more fluoride in them.

Ujido is the only kind we buy in our family! Matcha is finely ground and loaded with antioxidants to help build your immune system. Most medical research still give a thumbs up for taking green Matcha tea for the following


  1. IMPROVES CARDIAC HEALTH. One research study shows that both black and

green tea has a beneficial effect on lipids and blood pressure. It can even help

with keeping cholesterol in check.

  1. REDUCES RISK OF CANCER. Cellular function is enhanced with polyphenolic

compounds, which is in Matcha tea. These compounds are also found in fruits and

vegetables, so why would you drink them in green tea? Because green tea is also

rich in a catechins that reduce free radicals in your body. AND that’s important

when fighting off cancer cells that grow in your body.

  1. YOUR MOUTH GETS SUPER CLEAN! Ok, I know that sounds weird. However,

polyphenols, have been shown to do a clean sweep in your mouth and gut bacteria,

eliminating harmful fungi and bacteria. In fact the antiviral effects of green matcha

tea is the most supported health claim.

  1. YOUR BRAIN GETS BETTER. Here’s the thing: because green tea has L-theanine which increases GABA in the brain, which helps promote calm. It calms you enough to help with sleep.
  2. IT CAN PROMOTE WEIGHT LOSS. Now, I am not talking about using green tea as a weight loss system, but to replace your sugary latte so that you CAN lose the weight easier.

The benefits of brain, body and emotional health go a long way to creating a BETTER you. When your body begins to build resistance through little things like changing your tea intake, then your MIND also gains health and clarity. And thisaffects your mood, enhancing it to find more joy!

5 Benefits of Matcha Green Tea