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Unwind With Bath Night Safely with Essential Oils

My favorite relaxing activity outside of Yoga is taking a big bubble bath. Up here in Connecticut’s FREEZING cold winters that last for months – baths are a must for me and my girls. I get into it and make it a mini-spa night. My oldest daughter often copies me and does the same now. We have such fun using face masks and essential oils for our bath water, but before you join the fun – let’s go over essential oil safety in the bath.

Unsafe Bath Usage with Essential Oils

I have been asked many times, “if I am using some of the safest oils there are, such as lavender – how can it be dangerous if I just add a few drops to the water for my bath?” While lavender is certainly safe – just merely adding some drops to you or your child’s bath can bring major irritation to some. Besides,you do not get the maximum benefits of the oil this way! Lose. Lose.

Why is this information important?

Essential oils love fat and lipids. They are lipophilic, not hydrophilic; meaning they combine well with fats, but not with water. Dry ingredients like Epsom salt are hydrophilic and dissolve well in water. Essential oils need something that will work well with both lipophilic and hydrophilic to bring them together. Milk, Epsom salt, or cornstarch are not advised to use to disperse the essential oils. That is where solubilizers come in. Solubilizers are used to combine oils into water so that the ingredients can be mixed and incorporated into water.

Solubilizers help them to mix together and thus the essential oil is able to dilute and be much safer. Use a small amount of essential oils in the bath, only 2-5 drops, first mixed with the solubilizer. For children, only use oils safe for children.
You also might already have products at home that contain solubilizers. They can be found in body wash, shampoo, and bubble bath.
By adding 1 tbs of one of these products with your essential oils before adding to the bath water will help to emulsify. It’s best to use products without fragrance as they can throw off your PH balance.

What about mixing them with a carrier oil first?

Although carrier oils will dilute essential oils and make them safer, they will not disperse the essential oils in the water. Just as when you are making salad dressing and can see that oil and water or oil and vinegar don’t mix, essential oils in carrier oils and bath water will remain separated. It also can be a hazard as it can make the tub slippery!

Happy Soaking!

Bath Recipe

2 drops Bergamot
2 drops Cedarwood Himalayan
1 drop Vetiver
1 tablespoons fragrance-free body wash or shampoo
Mix ingredients together and pour under running water

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Essential Oil Safety in the Bath