Just Be: How My Stillborn Son Taught Me to Surrender

Heartbreak from the loss of a loved one or from loss of innocence traumatizes the soul, but what if the loss of your baby who was born still could lead you to forgive someone who brutally harmed you and nearly left you for dead?

With raw emotion, humor, and courage, Lindsay tells her story of thirteen years of darkness and the power of forgiveness that finally set her free.

Lindsay was a normal, happy teenager, but at the tender age of 16, she found herself terrorized and in the hands of a rapist whose brutal force robbed her innocence that left her in unbearable pain, darkness and silence. For the next thirteen years, she suffered silently, never telling anyone except her husband Jason what had happened. The ugly aftermath of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder left her with debilitating anxiety and nightmares that shadowed her college years, her relationship with her beloved Jason and even their first-born baby didn’t bring her true relief or joy.

Until one cold November morning in her doctor’s office, six months pregnant with their second baby, her life would change forever.

The fetal monitor became silent…a silence that matched her own silence. Searing pain ripped her heart wide opened and ignited mysterious dreams, divine messages and a strange new awakening began to emerge.

Laboring with a baby that had died in her womb was met with overwhelming grief …a grief that beckoned her to make a choice…to choose life, and surrender her silence and suffering. Only then could the light of hope – filter into the broken shards of her heart and let love begin to mend the pieces back together. She finally knew what the dreams and messages were telling her and what unconditional love was asking her to do… to forgive the man who took her life so that she could take it back again.

Praise For Just Be

Ginny Limer

Just Be is more than a memoir, it is manifested love through the thick fog of grief. Author Lindsay Gibson takes you on a journey through her life that leaves you inspired to reflect upon your own passions and pains, nightmares and memories. This is a memoir about learning to love yourself, and others, inspired by and despite the ups and downs, twists and turns of grief and life. Lindsay’s raw and real style of writing grabs the reader by the hand, opens their heart, and breaks them wide open. If you are wondering if you should read this memoir of hope, love and redemption? As her husband, Jason Gibson often says, “Yes, love. Yes.”

Ginny Limer
founder of Scared SIdless, author of When You Grieve from A to Z

Donna Palomba

At times gut-wrenching, Lindsay takes us on an inspiring journey and an emotional rollercoaster of suspense, heartbreak and surrender. A raw and very real depiction of the power of faith, unending love, and the mother-child connection. You will walk away enlightened and encouraged, I know I did.”

Donna Palomba
Founder of Jane Doe No More & Author of Jane Doe No More: My 15-Year Fight To Reclaim My Identity--A True Story Of Survival, Hope, And Redemption

Lyle Brooks

Lindsay Gibson’s life has been a terribly dark but ultimately triumphant study of the meaning of human suffering. I have worked with thousands of women who have endured the life-threatening torment of a pregnancy plagued by hyperemesis gravidarum, and have witnessed first-hand its devastating effects upon their bodies and spirits. But like other women, there were also other traumas inflicted on Lindsay. She lost her childhood to rape; lost a child in a stillbirth; and lost her faith, for a time. Her haunting and fascinating account of the dreams and premonitions that brought her closer to God during her ordeals is a must-read for those who seek to view their own challenges in a greater perspective.

Lyle Brooks
Volunteer Coordinator of The Hyperemesis Research and Education Foundation

Sharon Ehlers

INCREDIBLE…..Author Lindsay Gibson’s memoir, ‘Just Be’, is an incredible story of overcoming tragedy and finding hope again. Above all it is a story of unconditional love between Lindsay and her husband Jason who walks beside her every step of the way. In this heartfelt memoir, Lindsay describes the pain she endured as a result of her rape and how she was able to finally set herself free from memories that held her captive for so many years. Lindsay’s description of her son’s Joseph stillbirth and her resulting anguish will resonate with anyone who has suffered a pregnancy loss of their own. The intensity of Lindsay’s emotions conveys the deep pain she experienced as a result of her postpartum depression and PTSD. I could just feel each emotion with every turn of the page. Just Be is an inspiring and powerful read for anyone who has suffered tremendous loss in their life and wondered how they would ever live again. Through her amazing book, Lindsay shows all of us that with unwavering bravery and loving support, you can conquer any tragedy and find yourself again.

Sharon Ehlers
Award Winning Author of 'Grief Diaries'

Lindsay Lipton Gerszt

Lindsay Gibson’s memoir ‘Just Be’ shows the world what having real strength, courage and a heart full of love can do. What Lindsay has successfully done with her raw honesty and commitment to share her story is give others hope that there is more to their story than despair. My emotions ran high from the first page to the last while reading her and her families incredible journey. I highly recommend this book to not only those who have suffered the loss of a child but for anyone who wants to learn about living and growing through the darkness all the while keeping faith and hope.”

Lindsay Lipton Gerszt
Producer/Executive Producer of When The Bough Breaks-a documentary about postpartum depression

Meet the Author

Lindsay Gibson

Lindsay Gibson is an American Fiction author who writes stories about  women who have met the conflict and challenges of life and thrived in relationships, home and romance . She writes stories that heal the inner voice and child inside of her female characters and invites her readers to do the same as they take a deep breath, smile and connect to their passion.

She lives in Connecticut with her three blonde girls...Two Tots and a Teen and with her Irish husband who keeps her laughing with his brogue. She is passionate about healthy living and raising children in a natural, toxic free environment.

Just Be Guide: Steps to Healing

Do you think it’s possible to heal from past trauma? The debilitating effects of constant anxiety, sleepless nights, trust issues, flashbacks, anger and crushing sadness left me wondering if I could ever heal, so I simply went into “forever” denial. Ignoring my symptoms only made me worse, but eventually I found out how to heal and you can too. In my memoir, Just Be, you are taken through a thirteen-year journey of how I coped, and you can see through my eyes what it was like for me – but most importantly – how I overcame it. How I healed and chose to live again. Through becoming aware of my triggers, I have successfully learned how to better manage the trauma symptoms. Now there is more meaning and fulfillment in my life again. I am more able to relax and trust all that life has to offer me. And best of all, I rediscovered my inner joy.

The Just Be Guide: Steps to Healing from Trauma is a step-by-step guide to help you begin the journey to release your story safely and take your life back again. Everything that I learned in those thirteen years are inside this guide, to lead you back to yourself – back to your life – and back to love and joy!