women’s fiction writer since 2018

A Little About Me

  • I started writing stories when I was a child and pretended to give ‘book talks’ in my room
  • I was always the one who made everyone laugh with stories in college
  • Born in Dallas and moved to New England when I was in Kindergarden
  • Even though I am a New Englander, TexMex food is my favorite
  • I wrote my first book after the loss of my infant son in my mid-thirties
  • I am a stay at home mom of three blonde girls and continue to write my books that inspire love and connectedness

Why I do what I do?

I’m an Author and Women’s Truth Fiction writer. I write stories about real like situations that trigger the dark night of the spirit. My main characters find the light through faith and love, so they can be set free and Just Be.

My love for God, passion for truth, and freedom are born from my personal story of overcoming trauma and giving voice to the unspeakable.

I am a believer that nature is so powerful, it can heal anything. It begins with the belief that your body knows how to rejuvenate itself when given the right tools. Healing for me meant coming back to this innate wisdom a d understanding my sovereignty – trusting my intuition to lead the way. Most importantly, it meant surrending to love. My intention is to help others take a deep breath, choose love, truth, and freedom over fear by being true to themselves and finding their voice. 

I live in Connecticut with my three blonde girls and Irish husband who keeps me laughing with his brogue. I am passionate about healthy living and raising children in a natural, toxic free environment.

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Lindsay is known for her innate ability to heal women’s emotions whether from traumas or everyday challenges through a natural approach to mental and physical well-being. She explores all relationships women experience in career, marriage, mothering, and friendships. She has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and is certified in Nutritional Mental Health, Holistic Women’s Health, and graduate studies birth psychology.

After years of working as a postpartum doula, along with the tragedy of her stillborn son, Lindsay turned her heart to her passion for writing. Her hope is to inspire others to heal and find resolution with challenging life issues through her characters who portray emotions that women feel in today’s world. She is a sexual assault survivor, medical freedom activist, and human trafficking freedom advocate who helps others stand firm in their own sovereignty born from divine love and belief that their body knows what it needs to heal.

As a master storyteller, Lindsay shares humor, grace and intuition to weave the twists and turns of tragedy and victory together into the plot and storyline that leave her readers turning the pages in search for the answers to life’s most complex questions. Ultimately to understand that Love is Everything and to trust that in the end…Love always wins.

She lives in Connecticut with her three blonde girls…two tots and a teen; and her Irish husband who keeps her laughing with his brogue. She teaches her children to be healthy by living in a natural, toxic-free environment and to stand up and always know they are free to be who they are called to be.