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Belief Systems

Do you ever acknowledge the beliefs that you hold? Are you aware of them? Belief systems begin the very moment we are born and begin to observe and listen to the world around us. Our parents or caregivers are the first people to hold us and talk to us and naturally, we soak in everything they teach us. As we grow, we are constantly learning about ourselves and the environment around us. If something bad happens or said to us, we are too young to filter it and understand. Therefore, most of us bury it somewhere inside and it becomes a belief system.

Our parents, teachers or older siblings/family also play a huge role in what we perceive to be true and not true. We look to these people with trusting eyes and sometimes aren’t left to think for ourselves. Parents can sometimes become too overprotective and this can install unnecessary fear or they are trying to stop something from happening to us that they went through. It’s natural to want to keep your kids in a bubble – but this is not healthy and can really pull your child away from themselves.

Body Awareness & What You Believe

In part IV of Love Paints the Way, Rebecca has a pivotal moment where she looked at herself in the mirror, like truly looked into her eyes and became aware. Not only did the emotions that she kept tucked inside come spilling out, but all the physical symptoms that consumed her almost daily came into focus. Within minutes, it was like the lights turned on and she was aware.

Love Paints the Way

Love Paints the Way

Why Do We Fear Our Body?

To counteract those belief systems, we must not only be aware – but we also need to listen. What is your body trying to tell you? Think about the popular beliefs as a collective around the body. You might hear terms like: faulty or genetically influenced – therefore you have to just “live with it”. Or that the only way to be healthy is to eat well and exercise – and that your body doesn’t have any other power outside of that. Meaning it’s automatically unhealthy if you don’t “follow the rules”. While a healthy diet and exercise is of course a good thing, your body is unique to YOU. You are the only one who can communicate and listen to your body outside of all the health advice there is.

In other words – instead of fearing we can’t control our health – believe that only you have the ability to communicate with your body. No one else has that ability, relationship or understanding of your body. Bring the power back to yourself and upgrade your beliefs.

Episode 010: Push Past Emotional Overwhelm – How Your Organs are Connected to Your Emotions

Pushing Past the Overwhelm & Upgrading Your Beliefs

Why do you need to upgrade? The answer is pretty obvious but let’s state it anyway: beliefs are not always based off truth.

Beliefs are not always based off truth. Reclaim your thoughts and acknowledge the beautiful inner workings of your mind and body. Read more Click To Tweet

Upgrade # 1 – Start your words right. An amazing spiritual coach of mine by the name is Sharon once advised me: always begin with ‘up until now’ when you are describing a past event, feeling, etc. That one upgrade really turned my thoughts around to a positive movement going forward. Everything you once thought or experienced or how you behaved really is: up until now – because you can always change.\

Upgrade # 2 – Emotions are as important for our physical health as the things we can see or touch. We often may disregard our emotions as last on the list because no-one can see it. Yet, they impact our physical health greatly. The energy around your feelings need to stay moving! This means – every emotion you feel, is important!

Upgrade # 3 – Victim or accountable? This is the absolute hardest belief to upgrade. Staying in victim mode might feel right, especially because whatever happened to you was not your fault. That fact will never change, but how you are in this present moment, is something you need to be accountable for. When healing in my own journey of trauma – my husband was the first to ask me: How are you accountable for everything right now? Grab a copy of my memoir: Just Be to learn my whole story! 

Upgrade # 4 – Stop believing what you see – literally! Use the tried and true system of Louise Hay’s mirror work and apply it. Look at yourself in the mirror like Rebecca did and say something positive. Really look into you eyes and form new language around how you feel about your looks. Extra tip: Form a morning and night skincare routine with natural, clean products while you look at yourself! It’s like moving meditation and putting products on my skin, massaging the healing cremes and oils into my skin ads a whole new layer to mirror work.

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