Love Paints the Way – Part I

Meet Rebecca

      “See Becca! I knew no one could do what you could do down there!”  Jeff said to her earlier as she was checking out of the hotel. “That office has never been more organized, and I know the new manager learned a great deal. That strategy plan you threw in for the management team was very clever too. HR is clapping up here! Rebecca Campbell is our star!” 

     Rolling her eyes at Jeff’s cheesy compliment, she wished him a Merry Christmas and hung up the phone. She didn’t want to hear from him or anyone else in the company for the entire week she was going to be off. An hour later Rebecca turned the key into her apartment and pulled her suitcase inside. She could not be happier to be home. It was chilly inside, as she had turned the heat down very low. After turning it back up, she went into her bedroom and turned on the extra electric heater she had for her bathroom. 

     Boston might be known for its charm, but the old apartments are anything but warm and cozy. The heat seemed to slip right back out her windows that needed updating and Rebecca was convinced no one knew how to insulate walls in the entire city. She spent a fortune every winter to keep herself warm and investing in extra electric heaters while costly, was a necessity during the harsh, snowy winters – where weeks of a deep freeze sent her electric bill skyrocketing. 

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     Turning on the bath and adding in some bubbles and essential oils, she went into the kitchen for a glass of water, set the coffee for the next morning and grabbed the book she left by her living room couch. She couldn’t wait to soak in the hot water and go to bed. Before she got into the tub, she turned off her phone and plugged it in – she refused to answer anyone’s calls or texts for at least 24 hours. Even though she was back home from a trip and on vacation, it was Christmas after all. She still needed to shop for gifts and knew it would be a hectic few days. Slipping into the warm lavender aroma, Rebecca closed her eyes and took some deep breaths before she opened them to read. The water soothed her aching bones and the oils helped take her headache down. 

     An hour later the water was cooled down and she finally got out. Glancing at the clock, it was only 8:30 pm, but she decided to skip Netflix and head to bed. She melted into the soft warm sheets and before she could think about what gifts to buy the next day, she fell into a much needed, undisturbed deep sleep.

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What is Rebecca Ignoring?

     Her windows rattling against the howling wind the next morning woke her up. Turning over, she saw that it was nearly 10 am. She hadn’t slept that long in years! She sat up and stretched, her chest felt lighter and her aches were gone. Much better! Getting up, the smell of coffee filled her nostrils, and she threw on a sweatshirt while looking out the window. Snow was falling and it was a cold, windy day. Shopping would be a challenge in that weather.

     After scrambling eggs and making toast, she poured herself some coffee and sat down to eat as she watched the snow pile up against her window. Realizing she still hadn’t turned her phone on, she decided best to check it – especially since she knew her mother, Cindy, was most likely trying to call her. Once her phone lit up, a list of text messages came in. One from Brandon telling her again what a great job she did in Atlanta. One from her friend Jess asking if she could tag along on her Christmas shopping today. A weather alert. And one from her mom asking if she felt better and if she landed okay. She also asked if she could handle making the pies for Christmas dinner.

She shot back a text to her mom first, knowing she was probably worried by now. 

I’m better. Landed safely yesterday afternoon. Took a hot bath… bed early.
Slept very well…10 hours for the first time in a week! What kind of pies do you want me to make?

Followed by a quick thank you and Merry Christmas to Brandon and finally Jess.

Hey! I’d love some company. I am leaving in about an hour. Still haven’t showered yet.
Vacation life! Meet me at our favorite Starbucks in Copley Place? How about we grab some lunch too?

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     Rebecca loved Boston, especially during the holidays. Downtown would be lit up with holiday shoppers everywhere and the smells of Christmas delight would be pouring from the restaurants and bakeries. After growing up in a small town in New Hampshire and attending a small college nearby, Boston was the perfect size for her to live in. Not too big and not too small, however, the streets made no sense. Four years in the city and she still got lost often. The streets had many unmarked signs and no matter how many mental notes she took, she always ended up on the highway after one wrong turn. Jess, a Boston native, joked that a handful of drunk Irishmen must have built the city!

     Before she went back into the kitchen to put her empty plate and mug in the sink, she saw some of her oil paints on the dining room table. A new set of colors that she bought at the end of the summer, sat on the table unopened. She remembered putting them on the table to bring into her guest room where her canvases were, but as always – her job and life were too busy to paint – and they remained forgotten on the table. Walking over to the table, Rebecca chuckled a bit to herself because it shows how often she uses that table! Followed by a big sigh as she ran her fingers over the colors. It had been nearly two years since she last completed a painting and her mother always seemed to remind her of that.

     She loved to text Rebecca pictures of all her drawings and paintings she saved over the years that she would find stored in the house somewhere. It always made Rebecca feel sad instead of inspired to start painting again. Maybe one day soon…

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006: Push Your Passions