Resilience Defined

What does it mean to be resilient? Let’s take a look at the commonly accepted definition for resilience. The Oxford Dictionary of Current English states that to be resilient means:

Able to recover quickly from difficult conditions.

Let’s break apart that statement a bit. First there is a problem and second it is difficult- and in order to overcome it, the next steps, speed and intelligence are required. The final steps are action of recovery. In other words, one must understand many things, have many skills and are able and willing to act in ways that help them to overcome, “bounce back” and build resilience.

But here is the cool part – creating resilience is about understanding and developing the skills to “bounce” so you can apply your own intuition and wisdom in any situation. What is great about that is you get to be creative!

Episode Four

Listen to episode four about how fiction can help you build resilience and become more creative in your healing and everyday lives.

Stop Reacting, Start Creating

Creating the resilience to make and maintain a purposeful life now and tomorrow means you have to stop reacting and start creating. The act of creating is sometimes thought to be some kind of magic. There certainly are parts of creation that can seem magical. The ability to create is a common trait of human free will. We were gifted with a brain that invents. As a human being we have the ability to put things together in different ways. We can think endless streams about our ideas and feel the consequences of our actions. We have the skills to innovate unlike other animals.

The fun part is that reading fiction is a very useful tool to help you become more creative and stop reacting (which won’t serve you).

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004: Creating Resilience Through Fiction