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Smells of Your Past

Is there a favorite smell that you can remember from your childhood that makes you smile? Particularly around the holidays? Or maybe…there are smells that don’t make you smile. This can be especially true when the holidays start to emerge and memories are tied in. Our sense of smell as human beings is something has been with us the longest.

How Do Smells Trigger You?

Olfactory sense is, in terms of evolution, is the oldest sense, allowing the organisms with receptors for the odorant to identify food, potential mating partners, dangers and enemies. This is also why it is so powerfully linked with our past. In this episode of the Just Be Podcast, I dive right into how I handle triggers from certain smells during the holiday season and my stillborn son.

Essential Oils for Emotional Support

Essential oils are the aromatic, volatile compounds of plants. They exist in the leaves, stems, roots, bark, flowers, and other parts of plants. In nature, they help protect the plant from predators and aid in the pollination process. Know that feeling when you smell a flower? When you do, you are experiencing the power of aromatherapy and essential oils.

You have certainly heard of ‘the mind body connection’. Simply put, the mind-body connection means that anything affecting the mind, positive or negative, is also going to affect the body – and anything affecting the body is also going to affect the mind. See how that works? When we’re dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression – it is felt in our minds and bodies. Furthermore, unhealed emotions can lead to a vast array of chronic medical conditions. This is something I share heavily in my memoir – Just Be.

Aromatic Essential Oils

Aromatically is simply smelling the essential oils. You can do this by using the oils in a diffuser, a personal inhaler, or by simply opening the bottle up and taking a sniff. Aromatic use is the very best method when using essential oils for emotional support.

When we smell an essential oil, we trigger that olfactory response mentioned above. The essential oil travels through the olfactory system and reaches the limbic part of the brain. The limbic area of the brain is thought to be one of the oldest parts of the brain and has a direct connection with emotions and memory. It stands to reason then, that using an essential oil that is calming and relaxing can have very positive benefits when dealing with anxiety and depression.

In addition, lipid soluble substances, such as essential oils, can cross the blood brain barrier and produce rapid effects in the brain. There is much research linking the effects of essential oils to producing calming, feel-good, neurotransmitters in the brain.

Episode 002: How Smells Can Trigger You

I will also chat about seasons, creating good smells in your home to battle these emotional triggers during the Fall and upcoming Holiday season.

Essential Oil Recipes to Lift Your Emotions



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002: How Smells Can Trigger You