Why I am a Healthy Mom Expert

“There is always Hope after Loss. Hope led me to Love and Love Never Fails.” – Lindsay Marie

The loss of my baby caused me to seek answers. Not so much in a diagnosis, but in terms of healing my own body, mind and spirit after loss. I realized that the trauma I experienced in rape and the grief from losing my son, both have impacted how I perceive myself and how trauma and grief are held in the cells of our bodies. I wanted to heal myself and heal others, so I studied as a Maternity and Parenting Health Practitioner and Birth Psychology Specialist in addition to my college studies in Psychology. My studies also led me to include healing the body and I became certified as a Trauma Yoga Instructor. The saying “Healer, heal thyself” became my mantra and I continue to heal through the practices I developed.

Today, my greatest desire is to help women who have experienced trauma and grief through loss to heal and become all that they are created to be; as a healthy, vibrant mother. I know now that we can heal the world one pregnancy at a time. This inspires me to practice what I have discovered…

It starts with making a choice to heal and restore wholeness and joy…

This entails surrendering our sadness, fears, anxieties, anger, comfort zones and judgments to unconditional love and allowing this love lead us. When love leads, miracles are possible and the abundance of life becomes a daily blessing. At the same time, all of the past traumas and memories don’t go away, but are woven into the fabric of love that comes from something bigger than all of us.

“In Love’s continuous embrace, my heart bursts with happiness.” 

It is an ongoing journey of consciousness and choice to allow that place inside where joy resides to emerge, especially when negativity challenge us as we walk along the path to healing. 

Healing calls for perseverance as you continue to evolve. It is a powerful word for me and when I meditate on what that means, it always brings tears of triumph. Perseverance means that we work through all the roadblocks to become healthy and whole. We are not a victim to our circumstances, but we become the victor.

I do this work for love.
I do this work for joy. 
I do this work to help others know that there is hope, even after tragedy and loss…

…especially after traumatic life events because that’s when love does the best work on the soul…cleansing emotions and the body. Mostly, I offer the gift of my work to help you take that first step and say YES and connect to Spirit, God, Christ, Higher Power, Source, Universe or whatever you call that which is greater…pure unconditional LOVE. 

This is what will transform us as women to become our highest potential as a mother who can inspire her children to live into their highest potential too.

Lindsay Marie

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