What does Pure Joy mean?

My Pure Joy Self-Study is about to launch soon and I am so excited! With so many people suffering with unresolved grief, I know my program will be a blessing to those whose hearts are hurting. As many of you know, writing is my go to for everything. I have expressed this in many of my blogs and how journaling has carried me through my hardest times. But that is not all I do! I am out speaking to the public and talking to many people. What I have heard the most is “I don’t know when my grief started, it really is all I know.”

For people who haven’t suffered a more recent loss, many others have experienced a lifetime of sadness. Grief leaves people hopeless and feeling exasperated. Regardless of when it started for you or even why, the effects of grief are debilitating and the thought of bringing joy into your life seems impossible. I know for me, the term “choose joy” even infuriated me to a degree. I thought if only it were that simple. Well, on paper it is. But in real life, the skills of choosing joy is something I have to do every day, sometimes several times a day!

Grief doesn’t just stop rolling out its waves of misery, you just learn to ride them.

Then, once you gain control of your thoughts and begin the process of forgiveness, you find that you can ride over the waves easier each time – with happiness restored in your heart.

Restored. That is the word that I want you to focus on. When we are born, we are the pure creation of God’s perfect image. Joy is in our hearts the moment we took our first breath here on earth. Happiness is our birthright. What happens to us after we arrive on earth are the experiences that will shape us, even though they can lead to heartbreak. And that joy you feel as a newborn baby, is often lost on those waves of grief that keep rolling in. It plunges into the deep sea of sadness, but we can find our way out again.

I cannot erase the memories that caused my grief or give back what you have lost when grief strikes, but you have the ability to cultivate pure joy again into your heart. And yes, it is a choice to do so.

I made a choice and let the emotions I stuffed inside OUT and not drown in them, so I was able to find that place of PURE JOY and compassion again.

My Pure Joy program will give you the tools you can use over and over to restore happiness and peace again that is still inside you. These skills will bring clarity to your inner world and control with your emotions so that you can wake up each day feeling renewed and hopeful. And the grief you have experienced, becomes your teacher that will only heighten your ability to lead life with LOVE.

That is the gift of grief and the purity joy brings.


  • PK

    Hi Lindsay. Really powerful words. Thank you!

    It’s so critical to acknowledge the totality of one’s truth – joys and sorrows in their entirety. For, surely, they are neither mutually exclusive nor does admitting great sorrow negate soaring gratitude for blessings one never imagined, much less expected. Truth, all of it, is who we are. Choosing joy, even with tears streaming down your soul, if not your face, is holy and noble and empowered by accepting God’s most lovingly offered grace. Not easy. But accepting God’s gift of abundant life in all its layers and dimensions is embracing our humanity in its most divine form. It’s why we were created!

    • Lindsay Marie

      Thank you for you loving words!

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