Snow Days with Kids: Our Snow Day Fun

Melted Crayons, Sledding, Office Decorating and Snow Day Fun!

The first significant snow day has arrived up here in Connecticut! I am not one for winters, especially the kind we get here in New England, but I have long since made peace with it during the holiday season. A white Christmas certainly warms my heart! What better way then to kick off sledding season with new sleds and a fun craft? It has been such a fun day here and night sledding to cap off the day will end the day with smiles on my girls for sure.

Motherhood, DIY Craft Kids, Melted CrayonLayla missed out of the melted crayon activity – she was falling asleep in the sled – so we figured she’s be more comfortable sleeping in her bed 😉. Therefore, Lillian and I got to it during her nap time. We had so much fun bonding just the two of us and we just had to share!

Melted Cookie Cutter Crayons

We have broken crayons littering the playroom on our third floor and so after we picked them all up, we brought them down to the kitchen and peeled them all. That was super boring part. DIY Crafts Kids, Melted Crayon

I pulled out all kinds of Christmas cookie cutters and sheets. Here’s what bombed on us – the cookie cutters. They don’t cut very well through a baked sheet of melted crayon! However, the sheets were brilliant!


Turn on the oven to 350F

Break the peeled crayons into little pieces

Divide them all on the cookie sheet

DIY Crafts Kids, Melted Crayons
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Bake for about 10 minutes – I had to keep peeking on them to make sure they didn’t burn!

….and done!

Once they are cooled, we plan to make them into ornaments! Or…try to!

Office Re-do

writing desk, office decor
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My craft for the day? A total office redo – starting with my desk. The rest of the furniture is still in boxes – my hubby was having too much fun playing outside with the girls to finish it today 😊.

As a writer, the perfect little corner to create my magic with words (or try to) is important! I searched high and low for the right size and design and found my perfect desk! Low and behold, Target saved the day! The Loring writing desk is the winner and it even has plugs to recharge my laptop and phone. Love!

night sleddingThat just about sums up our snow day fun. Now to prepare for friends and night sledding party fun! Our backyard makes for the perfect little hill to night sled!
Crazy Gibson Girls

…and maybe a little Gibson girl craziness thrown in to keep things interesting…silly girls!




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