To My Love,

I see you smiling at me and know your always there. There is not a day that goes by, that you don’t love me, with the highest of care.

I feel the love you give me, a love that never fails. Your love is present every day, always whispering in my ear.

I couldn’t do this life without you my love, so understand these words I say.

Today, I need you more. I just need you to love me louder, louder than you ever did before.

My breath is getting shorter, there are no words left to say. I know our girls need me, help me find my way.

Today, the pain is stronger and my face is wet with tears. I know your arms are around me, guarding me from my fears.

I know you don’t understand, how pain is all I see.

Just hold me harder, love me louder. And let love find its way back to me.

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