Post Holiday Detox

“Dobble Dobble says the turkey, Mommy!” – my two-year-old, Layla calls out from the backseat as my husband and I headed out to grab some lunch. Laughing and making funny noises with her, I thought, more like waddle waddle. After I happily stuff myself tomorrow, I will certainly be waddling my way out of my brother’s house, with am overstuffed belly! It’s all good right? After all, that is what were supposed to be doing! Then comes Christmas…sugar, sugar and more sugar!

However, to beat the bloat, I will be joining my good friend and Nutritionist Erin Holt on her 3-day detox! I have don’t all kinds of detoxes but when I reviewed Erin’s program, I knew I found the right fit. For only $7.99 she provides you with a LOAD of information (15 pages plus a podcast recording!) on all things detox including: What is the right detox? Myths around detox programs. Specific recipes and safe recommendations, rather than the trendy fads out there. She is truly a food genius!

You can do this program anytime you’d like, but with all the sugar madness for the next 6 weeks, this is a great way to keep toxic overload down as much as possible. If you are pregnant or nursing though, this is not the right time to do a detox.

*And always check with your doctor if you have any health concerns before starting!

For more information and to sign up – Start Here!

And have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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