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Within the first five minutes of meeting Pam Davis, Owner of Our Green House, we clicked and I immediately knew that we would be a perfect match for me to blog about her amazing products. As a natural living advocate, not only with the professional training that I have completed, but also within my own life – living Eco-friendly is who I am. All of the classes that I have created for parents revolve around organic lifestyles and what I love the most is teaching them not only what is in the products I recommend, but why. Pam makes sure to match that same intent in all that she does with her company. Whether it is within their signature “make your own gift baskets” or answering to their customers – Our Green House reflects a peaceful and loving energy within every aspect of themselves. 

“Our Green House truly embodies love into their natural gifts mind, body and soul, spreading that love around the world.” – Lindsay Gibson

Let’s Hear from Pam…

1) What sparked your idea to start Our Green House?
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“My husband and I had an Environmental Testing Company (still do) Willow Environmental – Mold, Lead, Asbestos Radon. Therefore, we were very aware of toxins in the home. We had three small children and I was increasingly changing out the products that we were using to more environmentally safe items. Finally, my husband said, ‘why don’t you sell all the things you are so passionate about and make them available to everyone?’ That is when we opened the store in Newtown, CT in 2003.”

2) Have you seen an increase in natural living since you first opened?
“When we first opened, I would have to literally put note-cards all around the store telling people why organic was better, or why soy candles were less toxic. The store was filled with information.  People just didn’t know. Now I have Grandmother’s calling me and saying they will only buy organic for their grandchildren. It is very cool- people get it now.”
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3) What are your hopes and goals with Our Green House in the future?
“Build up our baby registry, so that people can get the things they want right from the start! To also build up our gift baskets, so that people will be giving gifts that not only help the recipient but impact the world.

Their Signature ‘Make Your Own Gift Baskets’

“You choose the gift. We gift what they love.” – Our Green House

My favorite offering that they have is their make your own gift baskets for baby/child and rest of the family! They carefully package the gift baskets up to ship and are absolutely beautiful! The best part is the baskets that you can choose from, you can re-use for storage or anything you would like.

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Stay tuned for their brand new gift registry that will be live soon! I am absolutely honored to be a part of Pam’s team and writing about what they have to offer and look forward to what is to come.

Lindsay Marie

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  • pam

    Thanks Lindsay – We did click immediately . . .Because you are a kind and beautiful Soul

    • Lindsay Marie

      So excited to be working with you Pam!

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