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Motherhood got you feeling completely overwhelmed? Drained even?

I know – because I have been there too, fighting to overcome Postpartum Depression. It robbed me of my joy after my rainbow baby and second daughter was born in 2015. I was completely shocked when depression overwhelmed me after I brought her home. I didn’t understand at the time – that my depression was pointing me to something greater. It was bringing me deeper inside myself than ever before.

Where is the joy that motherhood was supposed to bring? Do I have postpartum depression?

Some days you feel like a supermom, while others you feel like you have failed. Why are so many emotions constantly cycling through me? Why am I just plain sad, when my children are the center of my whole world?

Do you ever have those questions? ALL of these thoughts plus more can take over our minds once we become a mother. 

Even after my oldest daughter was born in 2006, I felt somewhat lost with all of the brand new mama hormones running through me. But that wasn’t the entire reason behind all of these new feelings. When my second daughter came, those feeling were only intensified. Could you say I had Postpartum Depression with both of my girls? Maybe. I never liked titles anyway – but what I DO know, is that Motherhood unraveled me. Just like it is supposed to do for all of you! 

And every baby is different.

I cannot stress that enough! It is a different experience each time we give birth and my 14-week empowerment writing series can help you no matter where you are on your mama journey. If fact, you can use it for each baby and write down completely new thoughts and emotions! It is meant for everyone

Let my 14-week Joyful Motherhood E-Book for only $24.99 – help you rediscover your joy, even battle some past hurts and rise-up to be the mother that you ALREADY are! Each week, you will be emailed a lesson, with some words of wisdom, inspiration, love and writing prompts. It is spread out so you have time to reflect on everything I cover. You do NOT need to answer everything or right away. Follow your heart with this mamas and let it lead you to wherever you need it to go! For each one of you has a unique history with all kinds of past experiences that may be affecting you today. 

That is what makes us all so beautiful and special.  

Are you in?


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Overcome Postpartum Depression

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