Heal Your Thyroid Naturally: New Discoveries & Book Review

Have You Read Anthony William’s Newest Book on Thyroid Healing?

Today I wanted to give a review on a book that has changed my health in ways I never thought possible. Hypothyroidism has been a struggle of mine for nearly ten years, yet I have made some leaps and bounds with it in the past year, and even more so now after buying this book. I am a big believer in healing your thyroid naturally, so I am happy to share my experiences from over the years. The amazing book that I am referring to and will be doing a review on is “Medical Medium Thyroid Healing: The Truth Behind Hashimoto’s, Graves, Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules & Epstein-Barr,” by Anthony William of Hay House Inc


A Little History…

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When I was first diagnosed in 2008, two years after my first daughter was born, I had never heard of the term “hypothyroidism”. Therefore, when I was diagnosed, the naturalist in me got to work…and fast. I knew deep down that this was something I could fix, as the words spoken from my internal doctor “there is no cure” – didn’t sit well. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware that everyone’s medical history is different and we also all heal in different ways – but for me, I knew I would get to bottom of this.

The first stop was to my Naturopathic Doctor, who reviewed my blood results and nodded her head that my thyroid was indeed “sluggish”. Instead of the prescription that was handed to me by my internist, I opted for her supplements. Within three months of her protocol (she added in some diet changes and other things to take), my thyroid levels returned to normal, my weight melted off and energy improved. I thought all was well!


Out of nowhere, a year later, my body just stopped responding to the supplements and every attempt of diet changes, and my levels bounced back up. Frustration grew. I was sent to an endocrinologist and I was fearful that this really would be my lifelong sentence. I began to adapt my mind to the word “hypothyroidism” and began to define myself as such. Wrong move. That is not who I am, and I knew it, but my hope was starting to drop.

Luckily, the Endo that I have, has a very natural mindset and really dove into my frame of thinking, meditation, diet and TALKED to me when I saw him. No wonder his waiting list is over a year…

He put me on Armour and again – my body responded beautifully, and levels returned to normal. Yet, a year later, low and behold – my hypothyroidism came back and with vengeance. I was now more than just frustrated, I was angry and also very confused. I was doing EVERYTHING I could to keep my body healthy.

Back to my Naturopathic Doctor I go, and another appointment booked with my Endo. I needed both doctors to attack this now. This time, my ND looked at me and surprised me with what she said next:

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“Lindsay, I know you are a trauma survivor. Let’s talk about that and how it relates to your thyroid.” Mouth open and complete shock. She was the first person to ever turn me onto how our bodies respond to the traumas and struggles we go through. I will not get into that in this review – but here is another book I recommend for trauma healing and your mind/body 

From there, we continued with more supplements and my Endo had me try Naturthyroid (another prescription thyroid medication). It has been a roller coaster ever since!

Where am I now?

I have been heavily managing my thyroid levels with intense diet and even WHAT I put on my skin too. This is why I am into making my own skincare products – again another blog topic for another day! 😊

Even though it has been a decade of ups and downs and I have found foods that work well for me and ones that don’t – it STILL is a struggle. My levels fluctuate and the biggest thing I have worked on? Is my mindset. My trauma healing – and NOT defining hypothyroidism with who I am.

Then I came across this book – and it has soared my healing into another level. This is why I am writing this review and HIGHLY encourage you to read it to. Again – do NOT stop any medication you are on and always discuss changes you want to do with your doctor. I even included my own Naturalpathic Doctor with the changes I wanted to do and the protocol in this book.


Who is Anthony William? If you are unfamiliar, check him out!

“Chronic illness is at an all-time high. In America alone, more than 250 million people are sick or dealing with mystery symptoms,” Anthony William.

Wow! Something I never realized – how MANY of us are silently suffering.

Once I began to read chapter one, I couldn’t put it down. Everything I ever thought was true about my thyroid issues, was all wrong – all the way down to what I was blaming in my life that was caused by my hypothyroidism.


  • The truth about your thyroid
  • Thyroid versus triggers
  • How the thyroid virus works
  • The thyroids true purpose
  • Your symptoms and conditions – Explained
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Thyroid guess tests
  • Thyroid medications

The remainder of the book covers autoimmune conditions, sleep, resurrection of your thyroid and more. I began with juicing celery everything morning and haven’t looked back.

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I am now a month in and have greatly REDUCED my supplements (with my doctors overseeing) and my energy has improved dramatically. Do I still get tired? I am a mom – do I need to really answer that? Short answer: OF COURSE!

What has really improved? My mindset. More so than I have ever imagined. I am NOT this condition. My sleep began to improve as I have reflected on this and my levels dropped down, WITHOUT having to increase my supplements – for the FIRST TIME EVER!

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