The Gift of Writing for a Struggling Mama

Motherhood is a marathon that feels like it will never end – because quite frankly, it won’t! So, how do we manage to keep our sanity, stay balanced and feel joy inside? By working at it every single day. Some days you will conquer and other days you will fall. That is simply the messy days of motherhood and there is no other way around it. You don’t have to have a smile on your face all the time or even like your role as a mama some days – but even on those days, it would never take away the fierce and mighty love you have for your children.

In other words – it is okay to not be okay. This applies to any of my mamas in grief who are reading this too! In another recent blog, I discuss how it is okay to not be okay during Thanksgiving – so this holds true for the rest of the holiday season. Sometimes we just need to cry and that is all we need.

Motherhood for me, as many of you may know, has been anything but easy. From becoming a younger mama with my oldest daughter Lillian, to stillbirth with my Joseph, severe hyperemesis gravidarum, and postpartum depression with my “rainbow” baby and second daughter Layla – I have seen some pretty dark areas of motherhood that many of you face too. In my memoir, Just Be, I bring the reader through it all, plus another major trauma in my life at sixteen-years-old and my story of how I got through.

However, one thing that has been constant – is the struggle of getting through the holidays. With all that I have been through, Christmas (my favorite holiday!) has taken a big hit since I lost my Joseph. But even if you are not in grief, the holidays can amplify your inner pain and struggle anyways. This is why I am offering this special gift alongside supporting another mompreneur who I think is fantastic. It is sort of my way of getting you to start writing! he-he Okay, Okay, I know…many of you may not even like to write and that is perfectly fine! I am not asking for a book or for this to be a continuous thing – just something to try for a little while or to at least get you through your “messy mama” days – and who knows, you may even start to like writing! 

Who is this special momepreneur that I speak of?

Emily Ley, Simplified Planner, Grace Not Perfection
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Emily Ley – and my goodness am I proud of this lady! If you are unfamiliar with her products – please do yourself a favor and go check her out! 

Here is my offer:

With the purchase of a simplified journal by Emily Ley Paper, Inc. (use this link!)  – I will include my 14-week, Joyful Motherhood Journaling E-Book writing program for FREE! Plus be in my brand new “Joyful Motherhood” Facebook group. 

Let me explain some more…

*This post does contain affiliate links for your convenience. This will no way impact your purchase. Thank you for your continuous support!

Writing through your Darkness

Writing is my top and most favorite tool of expressive art therapy. It has pulled me through some hard times in my life since the tender age of only seven-years-old. When we are transitioning into something, especially something as big as motherhood, it can be so hard to navigate. All of a sudden we are in this new role, where someone so precious is depending on us 100%. Not all of us have easy pregnancies, the same home life and we all have different situations and backgrounds. Therefore, there is NO one way to handle it all. 

Often times things can get left unsaid, emotions not shared between you and your partner because of the added demands of a new baby, financial stress and finding any sort of balance is nearly impossible. 

Motherhood is a natural part of life, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to accept or live through, but writing can help. Writing offers a release…an opening – not to go away from the pain of our struggles, but inside it. It can become a bridge to help you connect from your life before you became a mom to your life after. Writing is a way to integrate the intensity of your feelings that often comes when we are overwhelmed, but in a healthy manner. Writing helps you to move forward each day because it often helps us to even understand the feelings that are jumbled up inside. For me, I often don’t even know how I feel until I actually write it down. Some days, I feel weak when I am tested to my limits as a mother, so are many of you. So, when you can slow down to reflect – that is where you will be reminded of the power that you still have – even on your weakest days.

“Once a mother is in tune with this powerful motherhood force, she begins to transform. She becomes someone new, as the woman becomes a mother.” – Lindsay Gibson, Just Be

Writing is also a safe place to just be yourself, without anyone else’s opinions. It is also a safe place to slow down, without fighting so hard to stay afloat with everyone around you. So often I see many mamas struggling to keep up and writing can give you that much needed moment to be still, while spilling your heart onto paper. 

In this fast-paced society, we mamas often have to rush back to our lives rather quickly and feelings can go ignored or hide inside of us as we try and get through each day. Writing is your pause button – to reflect and honor your emotions. With that said – I have gone on to not only write my entire memoir through writing, but become trained as a Joy Restoration Coach, using writing as my signature tool. It is also how I have improved my company Healthy Mom Happy Baby, specializing in fertility prep for mamas looking to conceive again after loss, get through postpartum depression or transitioning into motherhood…

…and above all, writing has never left my side. This is what you will receive with my Joyful Motherhood Journal E-book, with the purchase of a beautiful Emily Ley journal – is all of the love I have to help you, through my words you will read. So, from now and until the new year, it’ll be free with the purchase of one of Emily Ley’s gorgeous journals. After the holidays – it will be available for it’s regular price of $25.99

What is my Joyful Motherhod Journal E-book?

A 14-week series with words of encouragement, inspiration and prompts to help you “dump” onto paper, everything it is you are struggling with! To help you find your center, lean into grace and find joy as you continue your journey into motherhood.

Why did I choose to promote Emily Ley with this offer?
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Emily Ley is not just your typical “mompreneur” and I am sure many of you already know her line of products and/or as an author. Her newest book just released! You HAVE to check it out. I am in LOVE with every single word she wrote! 

The products and people I have chosen to affiliate with for my blog, have been selected carefully, making sure that they hold true to my own values. And I can honestly say, with my own experiences using her products, that she does. Her beliefs and values reflect deeply in all she creates as a businesswoman, wife and mother. She is truly a gem and can REALLY help you to de-clutter yourself as a mama!
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I was gifted her first book, Grace not Perfection (an absolute MUST READ) and journal by my husband earlier this year when I was at a place where I wanted to just give up. Juggling a company, my new road to becoming an author and being a stay a home mama was starting to push me over the edge. I found her words to not only be incredibly helpful but her journal was a perfect place to “dump” everything in my head onto paper – just as I always do – as my husband and I made some serious changes to help me. Her words “grace over perfection” is something you should always keep in your mind and heart. There is no perfect way to mother my dear friends – you all got this, you really do.

In the stresses of our lives, it is already hard to fight towards success, be wives, mothers, workers and still find time to love on ourselves. Some days, getting through each hour becomes impossible, never mind mastering everything else we have to do.

“Right in the middle of our already imperfect lives, grace will find you. Just pause, breathe and look around when that happens – this is the eye of the storm. That is where love will greet you again and again – and always be.” – Lindsay Marie, Just Be

Thank you for always reminding us of that Emily Ley, through the love you put into your products. This – is why I adore her.

Join me in this special offer – that will be up the whole month of December. Make sure to use the link provided and choose from any of her beautiful journals! Email me with any questions (use ‘Joyful Motherhood’ in subject line so I know it’s you!) and/or let me know you already purchased it and you will be added to the FB group where you can ask me direct questions anytime, share your journal responses with each other and come together as Joyful Mamas! The entire 14-week journal program, will be emailed to you as soon as you purchase – just remember to email me! 
*I can see purchases made- but do not know by who! 

Happy Holidays my beautiful friends!


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