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I was contacted a couple weeks ago by Katie Boyle, owner of her company Boyle’s Naturals to try out her products. As a natural living advocate, I was intrigued and checked out her Connecticut based company right away. Trying out new products with my blogs has been my favorite part about my job! Who doesn’t like new packages arriving in the mail? First up to arrive was her signature foaming hand soap, A Millisecond of “me” Time and right away, I was hooked with that title! And since it is cold and flu season, hand washing is a regular right now to try and fight those germs away – so it was a great time to try it out.

A little about Katie…

Katie Boyle brings her experience in and passion for detoxing our world to her New England-based natural products manufacturing company, Boyle’s Naturals.  Boyle manufactures A Millisecond of ‘Me’ Time Foaming Hand Soap(R) and Pit Grit Underarm Scrub(R) found at natural food stores, grocers, bed and breakfasts and farm stands in New England and New York. Boyle Health Educators also run workshops to teach consumers ways to create health-supportive environments by reducing exposures to toxins – and toxic stress – in the world around us.
Katie has over 15 years of experience working in community-based and clinical research, environmental health, local and international health policy and geographic information systems (GIS) mapping. She earned a BS in Environmental Geology and a BA in Spanish from Northeastern University in 2002, a Certificate in GIS from the University of New Haven in 2004, and a Master of Public Health (MPH) from the University of Connecticut in 2009.  Katie completed her yoga instructor certification at Samadhi Yoga Studio in 2006 and is proficient in spoken and written Spanish.

In other words, she knows her stuff! Plus, she is a fellow yogini and instructor like me, so I just adore her company even more.

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Her Hand Soap

The first thing I did when it arrived was I opened it to smell it and this is because I saw that it was made with pure essential oils – therefore I had to smell them! I have been using essential oils for over five years now and if you are ever in a yoga class with me, I can assure you that my hands will be massaging some sort of oil mixture on you! When I studied nutrition, I made sure to take botanical and essential oils to learn all about it and have been hooked since.

Quick 101: Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from bark, flower, fruit, leaf, seed or root of a plant or tree and just one single drop is packed with a lot of healing power! Most know this healing modality as “aromatherapy” and for over 5,000 many cultures around the world have been using this healing property. I could go on and on how this is done, but let’s not take our attention away from Katie’s wonderful product!

Here is a break down of the oils in this hand soap:

  • Organic coconut and olive oils – loaded up with vitamin E, both are great conditioners for the skin and the antiviral/antibacterial properties of coconut oil serves as a great germ resistant fighter.
  • Organic hemp oil – also great for the skin and has cardiovascular benefits as well – and it has also been known to slow down anti-aging process as well (I mean..enough said). The omega 3 and 6 properties will improve and regulate your gut and your stomach is the hub spot of your immunity.
  • Organic jojoba oil – another great addition for moisturizing your skin and fights those wrinkles. As a previous eczema sufferer – this was one of my first oil grabs to help me battle it! It is also an antifungal fighter and holds anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Organic lavender oil – this beautiful fragrance is what caught my attention right away! So, relaxing to the nervous system this scent can be – not mention it improves blood circulation and can help with respiratory issues. It holds antioxidant properties to protect you against free radicals, pollutants and toxins. Did I mention it can also improve your brain function, moods and relieve headaches?

So, there is the quick run-down of the oils in her ingredient list and that alone has me sold! Plus, like many small businesses, you get the benefit of being able to contact Katie directly with questions and she will answer! Small business plus! 

Katie’s thoughts behind her hand soap,

“You deserve way more than a millisecond to yourself, but sometimes life presents only fleeting opportunities to pause, reset and breathe.  Instead of rushing through hand-washing, why not intentionally take a second to stop, close your eyes and breathe in the scent of pure essential oils?  Try it every time you wash your hands. You’ll be surprised at how differently your day goes.” – Katie Boyle, Founder/Owner Boyle’s Naturals

How true is that statement? Slowing down will also strengthen your immune system to keep you strong this cold and flu season – so take a big breath, let it out and wash those hands! (sorry – I had to be corny!)

Give this amazing product a try friends!

Happy hand washing!

Lindsay Marie

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