Just Be

How my Stillborn Son Taught Me to Surrender from a Violent Past

This is a story about loss of innocence through a violent act of rape, attempted murder and the death of her baby. With brutal violence, her innocence was taken away at 16 years old and her entire perception of life changed. Her heart became dark and she lived in a world of denial and deep, relentless anger. She struggled to find approval and acceptance with others. Throughout her lifetime, Spirit was always there, though after the rape, she didn’t know how recognize its presence.

She was completely lost, until the day she said goodbye to her son and hello to a new life.

The new and searing pain of losing her baby broke her heart wide open. Raw with pain, Spirit spoke to her and the Blessed Mother Mary surrounded her bedside in the hospital while birthing Joseph. Love itself had finally found her. In time, her son’s death showed her how to live again. He paved the way to a loving wisdom she knew existed.

It is a story of courage, hope and finding a Higher Love through the darkness of grief and sorrow. Lindsay shares her life journey and how she found her way to what we all are seeking, acceptance, purpose and Divine Love.