Just Be

How my Stillborn Son Taught Me to Surrender

What if the loss of your baby who was born still could teach you to forgive a violent past?

Heartbreak, whether from loss of someone you love or from loss of innocence brings unbearable pain. We are in a world with many kinds of losses. None of us escape the many tragedies and losses that life brings which traumatizes our souls, but is it possible to forgive someone who has robbed you of innocence and left you in darkness? 

In Just Be, Lindsay Gibson answers that question because she has been in darkness that brought despair from an act of violence, only to find hope and healing through the loss of her son. With wisdom and authenticity, Lindsay helps her readers to heal from tragedy by teaching them how to embrace grief and “just be”. She expands on her healing journey and how she went deeper into retrieving her soul through the power of forgiveness and love.  This power was revealed to her in the Divine Presence of Mother Mary who came to her as a child and gave her a sign of this abiding love through the image of a rose.

A greater love was always with me. Guiding me and waiting for me to surrender myself so that the glory of grief could bring me back to joy, where it greeted me once again.”

Just Be is a story that spans thirteen years of Lindsay’s life and during those years, mysterious events would occur, pointing the way to her healing. From leaving behind the horrors of a violent rape and attempted murder at the tender age of sixteen through her years in college as a frightened, young adult in Boston, where she suffered debilitating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and giving birth to her firstborn daughter. Several years later, she became pregnant again and battled with hyperemesis gravidarium and the loss of her son, Mother Mary came to her a second time with a rose.   Lost in unbearable grief, she felt defeated until eight months after his death, a third pregnancy and birth of her “rainbow” baby ultimately unleashed her deep pain.

Lindsay discovered how to be still with grief and in doing so, grief became her path back to joy.  It was then that she realized what the roses pointed to:  her joy that had been there all along.

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