Just Be

I made a Brave Decision. I chose Life. – Lindsay Marie


How my Stillborn Son Taught Me to Surrender

Heartbreak from the loss of a loved one or from loss of innocence traumatizes the soul, but what if the loss of your baby who was born still could lead you to forgive someone who brutally harmed you and nearly left you for dead?

Lindsay was a normal, happy teenager, but at the tender age of 16, she found herself terrorized and in the hands of a rapist whose brutal force robbed her innocence that left her in unbearable pain, darkness and silence. For the next thirteen years she suffered silently, never telling anyone except her husband Jason what had happened. The ugly aftermath of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder left her with debilitating anxiety and nightmares that shadowed her college years, her relationship with her beloved Jason and even their first-born baby didn’t bring her true relief or joy.

Until one cold November morning in her doctor’s office, six months pregnant with their second baby, her life would change forever. The fetal monitor became silent…a silence that matched her own silence. Searing pain ripped her heart wide opened and ignited mysterious dreams, divine messages and a strange new awakening began to emerge.

“Love is the reason we grieve, darling…and love is what will bring you back.” – Jason Gibson, Just Be 


Laboring with a baby that had died in her womb was met with overwhelming grief …a grief that beckoned her to make a choice…to choose life, and surrender her silence and suffering.

Only then could the light of hope – filter into the broken shards of her heart and let love begin to mend the pieces back together. She finally knew what the dreams and messages were telling her and what unconditional love was asking her to do… to forgive the man who took her life so that she could take it back again.   

“A greater love was always with me. Guiding me and waiting for me to surrender myself so that the gift of grief could bring me back to joy, where it greeted me once again.” – Lindsay Marie, Just Be

Lindsay discovered how to be still with grief and in doing so, it became her path back to joy. With raw emotion, humor and courage, Lindsay tells her story of thirteen years of darkness and the power of forgiveness that finally set her free.

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Just Be Guide: Steps to Healing Trauma

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The Just Be Guide: Steps to Healing Trauma, is a step-by-step guide to begin the journey to release your story safely and take your life back again! Everything that I learned in the thirteen years of PTSD from the memoir – are inside this guide.