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Let’s talk BeautyCounter

This was my very first experience using their products and naturally, I have to review and blog about it! I want to start by saying that I am very picky with which products I try and use on my girls, as you will usually find me in my kitchen making all of mine and my families soaps, lotions and body washes. It’s the naturalist in me, can’t help it.😊

However, running a company, blogging, and marketing my very first book – all while being a stay-at-home mama for my girls – this mom boss could use a break making things from scratch. So, when consultant Lauren Fleming set me up with Beautycounter’s kid’s and baby line to try – I jumped at the opportunity!

My background as a Holistic Maternity & Parenting Health Practitioner and Nutritionist, a.k.a “Natural Mommy Blogger” – I knew I would give Beautycounter a full and thorough review, so when this company more than met my standards, I was excited to give this review! They have met all my requirements with my holistic and mama checklist!

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What is Beauty Counter?

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Started by a beautiful woman, wife and mama, Gregg Renfrew who is devoted to making Beautycounter progress and “to get safer products into the hands of everyone.” This is a company that thrives on creating and improving non-toxic skin care, makeup, hair and baby products.

As a mother to two girls with extremely sensitive and eczema prone skin, I am very strict with what I put on their skin. It must be my husband’s Irish roots that gives them their delicate and almost translucent skin tone – especially my youngest daughter, Layla! When Layla was born, her skin would react to almost anything we put on it. Two and a half years later, it’s better, but we still have to be careful. Therefore, the first thing I did was review the ingredients.

Beautycounter Baby & Skin Care

All of their products are free of 1,500 ingredients the company views as most harmful and toxic (including such offenders as parabens, BHA, 1,4-dioxane, formaldehyde, just to name a few). The Environmental Work Group gave them a skin deep rating score of 3 and under for their products – big plus! The EWG mission is “to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. With breakthrough research and education, we drive consumer choice and civic action.” This gives Beauty Counter’s products a high endorsement and caught my curious eye further.

What I really appreciated though, was how open the company is to admit that their products do contain some preservatives such as phenoxyethanol and other nonorganic ingredients. The transparency that they display and honesty in their marketing techniques, automatically pushed my rating to the top! I was able to test out small portions of each product on Layla’s skin, clearly knowing exactly what I was putting on her. I am pleased to say that she had ZERO reaction and I couldn’t be happier.

Layla’s Beautycounter Bath Regime

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First up, the Nice Do Kids Shampoo and it handled her long blonde locks beautifully. It’s light and refreshing fragrance smelled great and a small amount lathered up really nicely. I followed it with the Not a Knot Conditioner and being a “girl mom” of two girls, good conditioner is a must in this house!

I spread a small amount at the ends of Layla’s hair and brushing it after she got out of the bath was painless and easy! When her hair dried, it was silky, shiny and even had more lift to it. This shampoo and conditioner did not weigh her hair down one bit!

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Next up, the Baby Gentle All Over Wash for her body. I decided to use the baby wash on Layla versus the body wash in the kid’s line because to me, she’s still my teeny tiny little girl. <3 My oldest daughter, Lillian used the kid’s wash in her shower later that evening and gave me a happy smile with her approval!

The baby wash for Layla soaked into her skin without one single issue and what I was most pleased with, was how it did not dry her skin out! Double win! After her bath, we finished her off with the Baby Soothing Oil and I couldn’t believe how her skin felt. It softened a few dry spots on her back, without any greasy feeling to it.

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We ended with her sweet little face and those winter chapped cheeks! Connecticut weather gets cold, like….COLD – and it is the type of cold that you don’t get a break from for months on end. Therefore, I have to keep their faces sealed from the biting wind as much as possible. Both of my girls react to the wind every winter and this product has been the balm bomb! Their cheeks have stayed hydrated and protected. A happy winter win!

I give these products a five-star rating! Check out their other amazing products and on-going special deals that they have with consultant Lauren Fleming.  

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