The beauty of nature is forever seen,
Far and wide, nature spreads its wings.
The beauty of a tree and its enormous height,
The beauty of the birds and their gift of flight.

The sun, moon and stars surrounds us with light
These things we take for granted are beautiful sights
The beauty of nature, is a beauty like non-other,
But it simply cannot compare to the beauty of a Mother.

A Mother’s love is always there,
Always unconditional, and takes extra special care.
It seems simple how she shows her love,
With smiles, kisses and endless hugs.

Yet that simple love, holds the most power,
It blossoms and radiates like the most delicate flower.
There is no other beauty like it here on this earth,
For it is a mother’s love that will honor you, guide you and bring you to your worth.

It will shape you, root you and give you wings to help you fly,
Sending you far in life and holding you so very high.
A Mother’s love will always support your choice,
And patiently wait, so you can find your own voice.

A Mother’s love is nature’s greatest beauty,
It never breaks down, for it is her duty.
There is nothing else in nature that can compare,
Than that of a Mother’s love and how much she cares.


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