Self-Care Holiday Gifts

Holiday’s are not easy, no matter what you are going through in your life. My gift guide for her is going to have a total “love on yourself theme” because I just can’t stress that enough. I know I sound like a broken record among the many that preach self-care on the internet, but there is a lot of truth behind the advice given from experts.

The holidays are the beginning trigger of my past hurts, just like it is for many others. I lost Joseph right before Thanksgiving in 2013 and when I was in the deep and murky waters of Postpartum Depression with my second daughter Layla in 2015, I cringed when I heard the word “joy” that Christmas season. It may not even be grief you are experiencing either. Maybe you have financial stress and all of the holiday gift buying is very pressuring. Maybe the holidays were never something fun for you growing up. Maybe you just got out of a relationship. Let’s face it, the holidays can trigger anyone who is suffering.

How do I meet the challenge of the holiday triggers and blues? That is what I get asked most often this time of year from my followers, clients and friends.

The answer is: one emotion at a time. Say what? Yes – that’s just what I mean.. One day, one moment and one emotion at a time.That is all anyone can do. Does it mean you won’t feel sad all day long some days? Of course, that may happen. It is okay to hold it in and release your pain once you get home, but do so with love as your intention. Meaning, don’t judge your sadness or compare yourself with others. Social media scrolling is the perfect set-up to look at what appears to be perfect lives with other people. And the perfect set-up for feeling like a failure. It can intensify everything. Sometimes it’s better to stay away from it and just breathe, meditate and do something good for yourself once you have time to yourself.

So, why is it important that I get through my triggers each moment an emotion cycles through? Because it calls for self-awareness and this is the area that many of us lack. Who wants to actually pause and reflect on the sadness or anger we feel inside? It’s easier to just push it aside and ignore it right? But that is how you will stay stuck and actually feel worse.  And even worse, you will not be able to find the pockets of joy the holiday season can offer. You don’t have to enjoy the holidays every minute of the day, but you will miss the moments of joy that are there waiting if you don’t take the time to pause and become self-aware.

Operating on “auto-pilot” is the way most of us get through our days. We think that there is no inner control on how we feel. The truth is that there is – but you have to be conscious of your feelings first in order to move forward with control. Think of it this way – how can we make changes or progress if we are completely clueless to our emotions?

It is when we acknowledge how we feel inside that we then realize we have a choice and can make changes – and that is when we rise back up empowered and stronger than before.

When you stop to look in the mirror at your own self during moments that trigger you – that is where you will meet your true self and the inner joy that is there waiting on you to process everything that your heart is seeking to release. Loving yourself through it, without judgment of how you feel is how you gain momentum and a positive outlook. Your body and mind are intrinsically connected and whenever emotions are spilling out, your body needs to be noticed too! So, how do we love ourselves through this emotional release?

  • Run a bath, add some soothing bath salts and let the tears fall into the water.
  • Lace up your sneakers and run or walk off the frustration as you let the thoughts cycle through your mind – match your speed to the level of frustration you feel. Maybe kickboxing might be the activity to get it out!
  • Anger is not always best handled by screaming into pillows – often times doing absolutely nothing can battle the anger the best way, that is boiling under you like hot lava. Your body is probably already stressed with flushed cheeks and high blood pressure – so love on it with meditation. Simply remove yourself and sit in silence, or with your favorite music and do not say anything or do anything.The idea is to regain your focus on something else entirely. This is best to do before responding to whatever or whoever made you angry!
  • Dance with anxiety! Yes – dance like nobody’s watching. When you are anxious, your body needs to match it with something to shake through it. Dance in your car, dance at home, dance at a club, dance anywhere.

These are all free suggestions, without having to buy anything to give yourself some self-care. Self-care isn’t always about retail therapy – although there is nothing wrong with that either! If you are able – treat yourself to something that makes YOU feel good. Provided in this post a small gift guide with some suggestions but gifting yourself something to help you smile is the best gift you can ever give (or pass this guide along to your husband/partner!).

1 – Essential Oils are my go to for just about EVERYTHING! I love the style of this oil diffuser too. It vaporizes without heat, automatic shut off, changes light colors to suit your mood and purifies your home.
Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Diffuser for Essential Oils, Large 400ml Tank – Vibrant Changeable LED Lights, Soothing Mist & Automatic Shut Off (Ash Tranquil Model)

2 – Pair the diffuser with this basic essential oil book to train you on everything you need to know if you are a newbie to oils. The Essential Basics 4th Edition

3 – Instant Spa Gift Set from Our Green House. Enough said right? Let these refreshing scents revive you and leave you ready to face the day. Plum Island Soap Company has combined all of their most invigorating all natural beauty products into one gift can. A perfect gift for any woman who could use a little more pampering and “me” time.

4 – Rice Filled Heating Pads from Our Green House. This handmade rice pack will soothe and restore with the scent of lavender essential oils. Place it in the microwave to melt away aches and pains or keep it on hand in the freezer to relieve migraines, swelling and inflammation.

5 – Life has got you down and you need a laugh and an instant lift! Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar is a book that will balm for anything life throws our way.

6 – Insomnia gets the best of us during times of stress, grief or even just after a bad day.  Knock Knock I Can’t Sleep Inner-Truth Journal will help you pass the time you are not catching any zzz’s and help your stress.

7 – I think I mention taking a bath in just about every self-care blog I write! Clearly, soaking in the tub is on the top of my list after a long day – or maybe its just how I de-thaw from the freezing cold weather up here in Connecticut. Either way – bath bombs are one of my most favorite things! Gift yourself or her with this LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set 12 USA made Fizzies, Shea & Coco Butter Dry Skin Moisturize, Perfect for Bubble & Spa Bath. Handmade Birthday Gift idea For Her/Him, wife, girlfriend, men, women.

8 – Inspirational Pop Up Cards from Our Green House. Here is an instant lift me up for yourself and to share with others! These fun little cards brighten your spirits and catch your attention. On the cards, you’ll find timeless messages of inspiration to capture your heart. With Thank You, show gratitude to the people who make every day brighter. Share these cards with friends, family, loved ones, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone who gives joy just by being!

9 – An expandable bamboo bath caddy. This pretty much speaks for itself. Again – it’s the bath lover in me! Expandable Bamboo Bathtub Caddy – Adjustable Wooden Serving Tray and Organizer for Any Size Bath Tub – Water Resistant – Phone and Tablet Compartments – by ComfySure

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