Book An Inspirational Memoir about Perseverance and Finding Unconditional Love

How My Stillborn Son Taught Me to Surrender
This is a story about loss of innocence through a violent act of rape, attempted murder and the death of her baby. With brutal violence, her innocence was taken away at 16 years old and her entire perception of life changed. Her heart became dark and she lived in a world of denial and deep, relentless anger.

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Pure Joy Restoration Self-Study

“LOVE is the REASON we grieve and LOVE is what will bring us back.”

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  • Always With Me: The Struggles and Joys of Motherhood – Feb. 10, 2017

Why I am a joy coach?

“There is always Hope after Loss.Hope led me to Love and Love Never Fails.”
Finding joy doesn’t come after the storm is over, it comes along the way. It has taken me years to understand this and I am still growing and learning. My life has been at a standstill up until this point and when I made the decision to choose happiness, my life began to swirl all around me. It was chaotic at first; then the flashbacks came, more anger bubbling up and negative thoughts kept me unbalanced. I remember thinking, this is NOT what I intended when I decided to live my life differently.
This is NOT what I thought choosing to live joyfully was all about.

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